Quality Assurance

Quality standard
Our company is equipped with advanced quality inspection system in accordance with GB / T19001-2000 standards and the characteristics of the stone industry, creating and implementing quality management to meet customer requirements.

QC team
Every processing is strictly controlled by our experienced QC team to manage quality control going ahead well. All quality inspection is carried out continually and effectively.

Quality tracking
Our QC department must inspect all products strictly according to industry standards from block cutting to finished product for delivering. The production line has to inspect the first product and has in-process self-inspection. In order to make sure each switch process to go ahead smoothly and all products are completed to meet standard entirely, each process was tracked and inspected by our QC team closely.During inspection, our QC team has to record all work-in-process condition to analyze all data scientifically, according to P-D-C-A rules, keeping improving quality inspection to meet customers demand maximally.